Testimonials from our customers, friends and Vet Clinic. Here are a few past pups.

Excellent breeder and client! We would trust our dogs with Lee and Well-Watered Puppies. The puppies are always taken care of, clean environment and honest owner!

Western Reserve Pinehollow Animal Clinic, Pierpont, Ohio 2015

Lee is a breeder who loves her dogs and makes sure they have a loving home and are a good match for the family. She is honest and has the highest integrity. If a loving, knowledgeable breeder who can be trusted is what you want, you are interested in please contact Lee you won't be disappointed. Much luck to you finding your new family member.


Cleveland, Ohio 2016

Lee was wonderful, we love our Sofie!


Columbus, Ohio 2014

If you are looking for a puppy that is well bred, trained and adorable, I recommend Lee Barnes and her puppies! She is an incredibly knowledgeable trainer and works long and patiently with her puppies, finding them caring and healthy homes. Honesty and integrity guide her practice. Who can help but fall in love with these littles? LOL every time I meet a new litter I want to keep one.

Connie,Andover Ohio 2017

 Luka has this obsession to always come up and kiss/love us every single time we walk in the door (also throughout the day when we are here). Most people who know about Shiba’s and their “behavior” tend to state negative comments, but we have an angel (our vet stated this was the healthiest/best behaved shiba they have met in 20+ years in their profession). I know this plays a huge part in the person handling the care of these babies, I’m just grateful for the care and help you’ve provided along our journey.  Thank you!! 

Collin, 2021 Virginia 

“Caber” is 11 weeks old today. Thank you Lee and FAMILY for our beautiful girl! It has been nothing but a pleasure to go through the process with Lee to get our Beabull pup. She is SuperSmart , lovable , playful, and a joy to have. I can’t say enough about Lee and how she breeds and trains and LOVES her puppies. They are LOVED from birth... We are looking forward to enjoying our Beabull for years to come.

Mark and Darlene Daigler, NY. July 22, 2018

 Cannot speak highly enough about how Lee loves and cares for these pups. Lee took the time to assist us every step of the way to match us with the right pup and prepare us for a successful transition. Healthy, happy, and already started on training, our Murphy came to us ready to be a part of a family. Highly recommend Lee and well-watered puppies.

Leah Sintic, PA , July, 2018

It helps when you get two of your babies from a great breeder who cares about their babies as much as you do. Charlene, PA

Great first visit to our vet- very healthy puppy .. met all milestones for age and breed.. received second 5-way vaccine and nasal vaccine for kennel cough...

Negative for worms

Neuter at 6 months

Feed and water spot-on

You gave us perfect directions and advice- thanks for a sweet healthy puppy 

Susan & Gary, Solen, Ohio 2018

Hi Lee! Thanks for the tip. Lucy is fitting in perfectly with the family. I honestly can't believe how easy it has been. She sleeps through the night, hardly has accidents, and is so lovable. You have done an amazing job raising her. We couldn't be happier! 

Tara, NY,   

You supplied me with the love of my life. Her name today is Arya but you knew her as "little girl with the white paw". She was known as the most michievious of the litter and is still just plain bad! I wouldn't have it any other way tho. ❤

Krisy Bickle

Hi Lee. This Kelly Livingston. I just wanted to give you an update on Max and how he is doing. He has definitely grown up! He is now running and jumping everywhere and loves when everyone gets home for the day. He runs to everyone individually and gives lots of kisses, full of excitement. He has had his shots and the vet was surprised when we told her that you let us know not to put him down inside there at all. She commended you for it and told us not many breeders will let people know that. We thank you for all the knowledge you have provided us. Max has definitely become part of our family and we just love the joy and love he adds to our lives. We cannot thank you enough. Here are some pictures of him by himself and also with his cousin Bre (my sister and brother in law's puppy that they got the day after we got Max). The two have become quite good friends and are two little troublemaker when together. Max is definitely full of a lot of energy and keeps us on our toes. He likes to try to sneak into things when he knows he was already told no. We think he thinks he's a ninja. We love every moment of it and the fun and laughter he brings to our lives. Thank you so much again. Merry Christmas to you and your family. God Bless you all!!!!!



Thank you so much for letting us have the opportunity to have him, he is so perfect in every way, im currently working as a dog handler and no other dog compares to him, he has such an incredible personality, in good and bad ways haha, he still cant leave toilet paper alone, hes destroyed so many toys, we save them all though for memories, but hes a very good Shiba Inu dog, and is our child, he grown into a very very handsome man and loves his peep (our cat) i also have a juvenile tegu lizard and he has been bonding with her as will and he is very will behaved and gentle with the tegu, as for the cat, its a love hate relationship. Shanon, from Erie PA 6/10/2021