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AKC Lala -mommy

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AKC, DNA Mr.Red - Retired

AKC Jack Sparrow, Daddy

AKC Trixie-mommy

AKC Lala - mommy

AKC, DNA tested, Trumpster - daddy

Shiba Inu's - A small, agile dog, compact & strong muscles, originally bred to hunt wild boar, bear & small game, one of the few ancient dog breeds still in existence in the world. The Shiba has a double coat & does well in hot or cold and temperatures. Twice a year, seasonally they will blow a coat other wise they do not shed a lot if you keep them on a grain free food. They are great watch dogs & will protect you from strangers, they will know there is danger before you do. A male Shiba will weigh around 25 lbs. give or take 5 lbs. A female will weigh 20 lbs. give or take 5 lbs.  Their life span is approximately 15 yrs. Overall they are of great genetic soundness and few Shibas are diagnosed with genetic defects in comparison to other breeds.  

AKC & APRI registered - parents are double registered, vet checked, health records, 1st shots, wormed, paper trained, socialized with kids, cats & other dogs. Puppies are born in the home and loved as though we are going to keep them all. The parents are exceptionally loving, friendly and meet bred standards. We have been breeding for years and guarentee our babies to be healthy, well socialized, beautiful black & tan, & red colors with good temperaments. We rehome for the purpose of companionship.

 You do receive health records, Shiba Inu fact/information sheets to help raise you Shiba puppy ~ we personally developed this to help you understand the breed & your puppy. Puppies come with a limited registration. We follow up after you go home with our puppy & we remain available if you need any assistance. You are first, your needs & desires and then we help you pick the puppy that best suits you. We have been breeding Shiba`s for years & want to assure you it will be a smooth adoption experience that you will remember.

Honesty & Integrity is of utmost importance. NO SHIPPING OR MEETING TO DELIVER PUPPIES - we meet & care for people in person & want our babies to stay safe. We do not encourage puppy mills or support them in any way. You will have a very personal, caring experience with us and we are proud to say we have no genetic issues now or in the past. We breed for black and tans & red Shiba Inu puppies.

*Past puppies , not available.