No puppies available at this time🐾  

Lucy with her litter of Pugbeas. 

​Current Pugbea litter.First 2 pic below are boys.



4 pictures below are girls.   





Pictures below are past Beabulls 

Past puppies, not for sale.

Lucy, 3/4 English Bulldog - Mommy for the 

Bulldog Pug cross.

Baby Peppermint & Peppermint Patti

AKC champion lines, Peanut, Daddy.

AKC KING LEWIS daddy for Bulldog Pug 

cross, DNA tested

 Beabulls - A designer cross between a purebred English or Olde English Bulldog & Beagle. They can be 1/2 bulldog, 3/4 bulldog or 7/8 bulldog the beagle is the remaining %. They are very loving, playful & devoted to their families & extremely affectionate towards children & tolerant of annoying, curious youngsters. The food drive is strong so a healthy, controlled diet is a must. Shedding is at a medium rate while keeping them on a grain free, no filler diet, the average weight is 45-65 lbs. and they are very trainable. Beabulls may like to hunt but mostly want to be in their masters company lazing around like bulldogs. Generally a healthy breed and do not suffer from hereditary ailments. We do First Generation Breeding, we breed the Beabull (1/2 bulldog & 1/2 beagle) to an English Bulldog or Olde English Bulldog making 3/4 bulldogs. Very family oriented breed living 12 plus years. Our babies are very much bulldog in characteristics, colors and personality. REFERENCES Available 

Past litters, not available. New pictures when the next litter arrives.